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Wednesday  4/25/2018

Open Practice
6PM to 9PM

Leading up to the 2018 TENTH ANNIVERSARY SEASON OPENER - Mississippi Thunder Speedway will be having OPEN PRACTICE at the track for all classes on Wednesday - April 25th from 6-9pm. $20 per car.

Questions? You can reach us at 608-687-3282

Rain Date: Thursday April 26th

Day 1 - Friday Action - 2010 Fall Festival

By Tracy Hager
FOUNTAIN CITY, WI (OCTOBER 16, 2010) A lot of cars, a lot of fans, and a late night was the definition of the opening night of the Fall Festival season finale at Mississippi Thunder Speedway. Near perfect conditions brought out many to take in their last chance at dirt track racing until next Spring.

Hank Rollinger Jr. was awarded the Winona Radio Driver of the Week for his performance at the USRA Modified Nationals held back in September. Danny Hanson hit victory lane in the WISSOTA Street Stocks, and Mike Anderson topped the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. Erik Kanz led flag to flag in the USRA B Mod feature while Shane Kisling hit the win for the second time this season in the WISSOTA Super Stocks. Josh Angst wheeled his way to the checkered flag in the USRA Modifieds.

Three and four-wide racing started off the WISSOTA Street Stock feature with Jay Kesan taking the lead. A caution for a host of cars getting tangled up in turn four reset the field with Kesan on the point followed by Medford, Wisconsin's Cody Kummer, Ron Hanestad, and Chanda Fjorden Nord. Hanestad and Fjorden Nord ran side by side for third when another multi-car incident again slowed the field down. Kesan continued to hold his ground ahead of Hanestad, Kummer, Fjorden Nord, and Mike Blowers. Blowers made a charge to the outside of Hanestad into third while Fjorden Nord slipped back to sixth. That allowed Danny Richards the opportunity to take over fifth. Kesan pulled to a generous lead and left Kummer to fend off Blowers for second. Danny Hanson made a surge into the top five after starting ninth on the grid. Kesan kept up the pace ahead of Blowers, Richards, and Hanson when Fjorden Nord found her way back into the top five, however, it was short-lived as flames lit up the ground under her car which brought her to a stop in turn four. With five laps to go, Kesan led Richards, Hanestad, and Hanson. Hanson tore to the outside of Kesan for the lead as the two briefly battled, but Hanson went from chaser to chasee in no time. With three laps to go, Blowers went around in turn one which set up a few restarts before the final pursuit for the win. Hanson headed to the familiar victory lane while Richards, Kesan, Anthony Zvorak, and Gary Kasparek sliced through the last cautions into the top five.

The 18-car field of WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds hit the track for their feature at 11:20 p.m. for 15 laps of hard racing. Shane Halopka and David Swearingen led the pack as Halopka quickly took the lead. Mike Gibson, Cody Gardner, and Dustin Scott charged behind the leader. Scott drummed up a fight for third place with Gibson before taking the spot and then picked off Swearingen for second. With nine laps down, a spin in turn one reeled the leader back in. Halopka held the lead over Swearingen and Scott as Mike Anderson ignited his machine into third after starting tenth. Swearingen took the high groove around Halopka and into the lead when another caution flew. With the green flag waving again, Swearingen, Anderson, and Halopka raced for the lead with Anderson taking over followed by Swearingen. Halopka fell to fifth behind Scott in third and Rich Pavlicek who bounced nearly unnoticed into the top five from ninth place. A caution with two laps to go set up the finish with Anderson, Scott, Swearingen, and Pavlicek out front. Pavlicek shot into third as Scott made a charge for the lead on the white flag lap. Anderson pulled off the win a car length ahead of Scott. Pavlicek picked out a third place finish followed by Gibson and John Broking nipping the top five.

Early Saturday morning the USRA B Mods hit the track for their feature with Erik Kanz and Brandon Reutzel setting the pace. Kanz hit the solo lead as Jake Timm moved into second ahead of Reutzel. Jeremy Smith and Kylie Kath ran third and fourth ahead of Troy Hovey. Kanz appeared to be strong out front, but Timm moved in to look at the lead. With seven laps down, a caution flew which resulted in Kath heading to the tail of the field. Jimmy Broszeit had maneuvered his way into fourth place, but he got too high out of turn three and zipped around and stopped with his rear to the wall which pulled another caution. Kanz again led the pack followed by Timm, Smith, Hovey, and Troy Langowski who quietly slipped into fifth. Soon after, Smith, Hovey, Langowski, and Ben Anderson raced for third place. Smith and Hovey charged side by side for third when Langowski slowed and dropped to the infield. Kanz held his ground and headed to victory lane followed by Smith. Timm nipped Anderson at the line for third and Hovey finished fifth.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks were packed and ready to go for their feature as Jason Forehand and Terry Kroening set the pace ahead of Shane Kisling and Paul Erikson. Forehand and Kroening ran side by side for the lead. Kroening took the lead, but it was brief as Forehand regained it. Kisling shot under Kroening to second, and Erickson then took third away from Kroening. Jon Duffy, Don Eischens, and Ben Hillman raced three-wide for fifth place when a caution slowed the field. Forehand maintained the lead while Kisling drove high around Erickson into second. Eischens settled into fourth ahead of Hillman and Kroening who battled for fifth. Kisling looked to the inside of Forehand as the two were dead even for the lead. Kisling then pulled the lead from Forehand and continued to put some distance on the field. Erickson, Eischens, and Hillman raced in the top five as the track took on the look of black ice. With 14 laps down, another caution reset the field with Kisling on the point followed by Forehand, Erickson, Eischens, and Hillman. Cautions breed cautions; and with that, another caution forced a single-file restart. Kisling flew a bit high in turn four, but Forehand just was not in the right place at the right time to take the lead back. With two laps to go, Kisling and Forehand had a cushion over Erickson, Eischens, and Hillman. Kisling locked in the win followed by Forehand, Erickson, Eischens, and Hillman. On a sidenote, Dan Nissalke's throttle stuck going into turn one after taking the white flag. Nissalke flew extremely hard into the wall and bounced off to a stop at the pit exit. The race concluded as emergency personnel assisted to be assured he was o.k. The car is not pretty, the driver will be sore, but Nissalke is okay.

The USRA Modified main event first lap ended early in a multi-car pile-up in the first corner. On the restart, Bob Timm took the lead over Bob Fort, but Josh Angst quickly moved under Fort for second place. Robby Bunkelman slipped into fourth place as Ben Mattick followed in fifth. Mattick tried to dart low for fourth place when a caution realigned the field. Timm assumed the point with Angst and Fort in tow. Angst was able to pull up beside Timm as the two ran side by side for the lead. Fort, Mattick, Bunkelman, and Jared Siefert raced for fifth. Another caution slowed the bunch when Fort slowed in turn four. With nine laps down, Angst put a good distance on the field as Timm ran second. Mattick made a jump to third over Siefert. Siefert and Mattick continued to run side by side for third while Bunkelman and Don Eischens vied for fifth place. Angst extended his lead over Timm, Mattick, and Bunkelman when Jason Cummins entered the top five. With 18 laps down, the final caution reset the field with Angst still out front. Mattick tore under Timm for second place with Cummins on the tail of Timm. Bunkelman added himself to the mix to make a four-car roundup for second place. Angst grabbed the win several car lengths over Mattick and Cummins. Timm clipped Bunkelman at the line for fourth.


River City Manufacturing USRA Modifieds

Feature -
Josh Angst, Ben Mattick, Jason Cummins, Bob Timm, Robby Bunkelman, Jared Siefert, Don Eischens, Leroy Scharkey, Mike Anderson, Ron Schreiner, Andy Bohnstengel, Doug Hillson, Brandon Hare, Kevin Viebrock, Keith Tourville, Lucas Schott, Steve Speltz, Les Duellman, Bob Fort, Brian Shaw, Adam Stockhausen, Hank Rollinger Jr., Steve Lavasseur, Todd Scharkey
B-Main (Top 4 Transfer to A-Main) - Schott, Schreiner, Stockhausen, Tourville, Brandon Aggen, Chris Gilbertson, Jason Swan, Phil Wernert, Kevin Rogers, Brian Albrecht, Jeremy Jonsgaard, Randy Jonsgaard, Thomas Brink, Josh Mattick
Heat 1 - Timm, Hillson, Bunkelman, Siefert, Rollinger, Aggen, Brink, R. Jonsgaard, Stockhausen
Heat 2 - L. Scharkey, Hare, Bohnstengel, Shaw, Viebrock, Schott, Gilbertson, Tourville, J. Jonsgaard
Heat 3 - Fort, Speltz, Angst, Lavasseur, Duellman, Swan, Albrecht, Mattick
Heat 4 - Eischens, Mattick, T. Scharkey, Cummins, Anderson, Schreiner, Wernert, Rogers

Winona Auto Sales WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature -
Shane Kisling, Jason Forehand, Paul Erikson, Don Eischens, Ben Hillman, Tommy Richards, Mike Keller, Terry Kroening, Bob Fort, Rich Bishop, Gary Wiersgalla, Kevin Hager, Brad Johnson, Josh Bartel, Chad Johnson, Eric Thill, Bruce Tourville, Bruce Lutz, Dan Nissalke, Tim Williamson, Frank Fabio, Jon Duffy, Dennis Earney, Darrel Hazelton, Tony Bloom, Jeff Brauer
Heat 1 - Keller, Erikson, Kroening, Bishop, Fort, Hager, Johnson, Brauer, Fabio
Heat 2 - Eischens, Forehand, Johnson, Richards, Bloom, Bartel, Lutz, Williamson, Hazelton
Heat 3 - Hillman, Nissalke, Kisling, Duffy, Earney, Wiersgalla, Tourville, Thill

The Engine Store.com USRA B Mods

Feature -
Erik Kanz, Jeremy Smith, Jake Timm, Ben Anderson, Troy Hovey, Greg Mitchell, Parker Hale, Brandon Reutzel, Brian Schrage, Kylie Kath, Tyler Creeley, Brian Mahlstedt, Jack Baehman, Jacob Bleess, Terry Timmerman, Austin Schrage, Terry Kohnert, Mike Kelly, Troy Langowski, Jimmy Broszeit, Kyle Anderson
Heat 1 - Kath, B. Anderson, Reutzel, Creeley, Kelly, Timmerman, Mahlstedt
Heat 2 - Hovey, Hale, Smith, Bleess, B. Schrage, Baehman, Kohnert
Heat 3 - Kanz, Langowski, Broszeit, Timm, Mitchell, K. Anderson, A. Schrage


Feature -
Mike Anderson, Dustin Scott, Rich Pavlicek, Mike Gibson, John Broking, Shane Halopka, Cody Gardner, Dalton Yohnk, David Swearingen, Billy Steinberg, Tony Konold, Jeff McDonald, Nick Frion, Brent Swanson, Justin Supri, Mike Mueller, Brad Hudson, Chad Boettcher
Heat 1 - Halopka, Gibson, Swearingen, Yohnk, Pavlicek, Hudson, McDonal, Frion, Swanson
Heat 2 - Scott, Anderson, Boettcher, Mueller, Gardner, Broking, Supri, Steinberg, Konold

Jailhouse Saloon WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature -
Danny Hanson, Danny Richards, Jay Kesan, Anthony Zvorak, Gary Kasparek, Shaun Mann, Ron Hanestad, Fred Prudoehl, John Kallas, Mike Blowers, Kevin Hager, Dave Smith, Michael Knudtson, Bill Engler, Adam Soltis, Cody Kummer, Dan Bork, Donny Ganz, Cory Hanson, Chanda Fjorden Nord, Ron VanDusen, Matt Wolfe, Denis LaCrosse, Jordan Kurtti
B-Main (Top 4 Transfer to A-Main) - Smith, Kallas, VanDusen, LaCrosse, Ryan Henderson, James Weber, Lee Jonsgaard, George Richards, Josh Bartel, Ryan Huff, Lonnie Klonecki, Richard Weir, Behn Mensen, Josh Roney, Jesse Lutz
Heat 1 - D. Hanson, Kummer, Bork, Prudoehl, Kallas, Henderson, Mensen
Heat 2 - Fjorden Nord, Kesan, Kurtti, Wolfe, VanDusen, Weber, Roney
Heat 3 - Blowers, Hanestad, Ganz, Hager, Smith, Klonecki, Weir
Heat 4 - Mann, Knudtson, C. Hanson, Engler, G. Richards, Bartel, Lutz
Heat 5 - Kasperek, D. Richards, Zvorak, Soltis, LaCrosse, Jonsgaard, Huff

Oak Ridge Fabrication 600 Mods

Feature -
Dave Fruechte, Brian Mady, Justin Zmyewski, Joe Provinzino, Joe Jasnoch, Bill Baures, Greg Wohletz, Don Werner, Bruce Schmitt, Arielle Roldan, Jeridiah Welti, Charlie McNally, Jeff Matejka, Nick Mady
Heat 1 - B. Mady, N. Mady, Provinzino, Zmyewski, Werner, Welti, Baures
Heat 2 - Matejka, McNally, Fruechte, Jasnoch, Wohletz, Schmitt, Roldan

RedBox+ A Mini Mods

Feature -
Jeremy Paulson, Dylan Buckland, Alex Williamson, Mike Stevens, Nia Gardner, Brandon Reutzel, Joe Provinzino, Alex Stevens
Heat 1 - Buckland, Williamson, A. Stevens, Gardner
Heat 2 - Paulson, M. Stevens, Reutzel, Provinzino

RedBox+ B Mini Mods

Feature -
Jackson Hale, Keagen Einck, Matthew Stevens
Heat - Hale, Einck, Stevens

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