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Tuesday  10/31/2023


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By Tracy Hager
FOUNTAIN CITY, WI (July 08, 2011) Mississippi Thunder Speedway should be the cleanest it has been this season as four drivers swept their divisions. New faces graced victory lane in the multiple main events as double features were run in the USRA B-Mods, USRA Modifieds, and 600 Mini Mods due to the rainout last week. A few more new faces were also on hand in the USRA Modifieds in preparation for the big USMTS show the following week at the speedway.

Les Duellman hit victory lane in the make-up feature after a drought in the USRA Modifieds. Ben Anderson made it through an early melee which resulted in several DNFs to win the USRA B-Mod make-up feature. Jeff Matejka hit the checkers in the 600 Mini Mod make-up feature.

After the make-ups were concluded, regular racing action began. The WISSOTA Street Stocks and WISSOTA Super Stocks delivered flawless main events as they ran caution-free. Nick Schwebach from Caledonia, Minnesota finally found out what it was like to face the crowd in victory lane while Tommy Richards ended his dry spell with a victory in a newly purchased car to sweep the WISSOTA Super Stock division.

Shaun Walski topped a nail-biter in the USRA B-Mod feature over youngster Parker Hale. Luke Schott hit his marks and not only won his first feature at the track in the USRA Modified division, but he also made it a clean sweep. Jeff Provinzino also swept the 600 Mini Mod class.

After the green flag flew in the Jailhouse Saloon WISSOTA Street Stock main event, three-wide action was seen down the front stretch between polesitter Lee Hager, Nick Schwebach, and Cory Hanson. Hanson came out on top as he led early on. Shaun Mann shot to fourth ahead of Ryan Henderson. Schwebach took the lead over Hanson, but Hanson kept close tabs on first place. Mann made a hard dive into turn four for second but could not make the pass. Schwebach continued his lead over Hanson, and Henderson ran outside of Mann as the two raced side by side for third. Enter Danny Hanson for a race for fourth place. Schwebach was a man on a mission as he never looked back to take his first win. Cory Hanson ran a commendable second followed by Danny Hanson, Henderson, and Mann.

The young front row in the EngineStore.com USRA B-Mod feature consisted of Parker Hale and Alex Williamson. The two took off in a side-by-side battle for the lead through the first lap, but a caution reset the field for a complete restart. In identical fashion to the first start, Hale and Williamson tore side by side until Hale edged Williamson for first. Drew Lawson tailed the two in third place as Shaun Walski bolted into three-wide action with Williamson and Lawson for second. Walski continued to cruise as he searched for Hale out front. Cautions slowed the field again, and multiple restarts ensued. Williamson dropped to the infield on one of the restarts which put Hale on the point followed by Erik Kanz, Walski, Lawson, and Troy Langowski with only five laps down. Walski took the lead from Hale, but he was reeled back in as the class struggled with green flag laps. A single-file restart finally settled things down when Walski mounted a great challenge with Hale for first. The two continued to trade spots for the last half of the race. Walski and Hale ran side by side as they encountered lap traffic. One would take the lead at the line, and by the next lap, it was the other with the edge. With two laps to go, Hale and Walski were dead even at the flagstand. Walski was able to hold steady enough to take the win from Hale. Jimmy Broszeit jumped in to finish third followed by Kanz and Lawson.

Jon Duffy and Tommy Richards marched the Winona Auto Sales WISSOTA Super Stocks to the line for the main event as the cars were fast to dice for spots. Kelly Anderson shot into the lead over Richards as Dennis Earney dipped into third. Bob Fort and Duffy ran side by side for fourth as the top three of Anderson, Richards, and Earney put some distance on the field. Jeff Brauer scooted under Michael Hofer and Fort for fourth place as cars ran three-wide down the backstretch. Richards gained on Anderson and moved in low for the lead. Earney ran a short distance back while Brauer attempted again to get under Hofer as the two continued to race for fourth. Richards was able to put some distance on Anderson for the lead while Earney ran comfortably in a solo bid for third. As the track appeared like ice, the cars skated to the finish in the caution-free race. Richards hit victory lane followed by Anderson, Earney, Brauer, and Hofer.

The River City Manufacturing USRA Modifieds roared to the green flag as Josh Angst pulled the lead over Bob Timm. An early caution set Angst on the point ahead of Timm, Cole Queensland, Kelly Shryock, and Jeff Rollinger. Angst pulled to the lead while Queensland, Timm, and Shryock ran three-wide for second place. A caution was pulled when Lance Hofer idled just off the track with a flat tire, and when the race resumed, another caution erupted for a spun car. Angst kept on the ball with his starts but soon Timm and Shryock were competing for the lead as well. With only five laps down and after the fifth caution, a single-file restart set Angst, Shryock, and Timm ahead of Luke Schott, Jay Ihrke, Keith Foss, and Ben Mattick. Shryock got under Angst to race side by side for the lead as Schott moved in on the pair. With ten laps down, Shryock took the lead over Angst while Schott decreased the distance between himself and Angst. With each lap, Schott gained considerably on Angst until the two ran side by side for second. Schott made the pass and was on his way to search out Shryock in the lead. As laps were finally sewn together, Shryock continued his lead over Schott, Angst, Timm, and Mattick. At lap 19, Schott climbed within inches to take the lead from Shryock at the line. Shryock darted back for the lead, and then Schott again headed out front. With two laps to go, Schott ran with it and pocketed his first feature win at MTS. Shryock, Timm, Angst, and Mattick rounded out the top five.

Next up will be the USMTS $2,000-to-win show on July 15th which will also include WISSOTA Street Stocks, USRA B-Mods, and USRA Modifieds as well as the 600 Mini Mods, Senior Mini Mods, and Junior Mini Mods. WISSOTA Super Stocks will have the night off. A regular night of racing will occur July 22nd, and take special note that there will be no racing at MTS on Friday, July 29th due to the World Modified Dirt Track Championship races at Deer Creek Speedway. Visit www.mississippithunder.com for more details.


Rivercity Manufacturing USRA Modifieds

Feature - Lucas Schott, Kelly Shryock, Bob Timm, Josh Angst, Ben Mattick, Jay Ihrke, Keith Foss, Josh Mattick, Les Duellman, Kevin Viebrock, Hank Rollinger Jr., John Doelle, Mick Glenn, Shane Wehrs, Cole Queensland, Troy Brand, Phil Wernert, Lance Hofer, Thomas Brink, Jeff Rollinger, Leroy Scharkey, Gary Wiersgalla
Heat 1 - Foss, Brink, J. Rollinger, Brand, Wernert, Glenn, B. Mattick, H. Rollinger
Heat 2 - Shryock, Timm, Ihrke, J. Mattick, Viebrock, Wiersgalla, Duellman
Heat 3 - Schott, Angst, Hofer, Queensland, Doelle, Wehrs, Scharkey

Winona Auto Sales WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature - Tommy Richards, Kelly Anderson, Dennis Earney, Jeff Brauer, Michael Hofer, Bob Fort, Bart Steffen, Gary Wiersgalla, Kevin Hager, Jay Oricchio, Josh Rodewald, Jon Duffy, Colin Polacek
Heat 1 - Hofer, Anderson, Steffen, Duffy, Oricchio, Rodewald, Polacek
Heat 2 - Richards, Earney, Hager, Fort, Brauer, Wiersgalla

TheEngineStore.com USRA B-Mods

Feature - Shaun Walski, Parker Hale, Jimmy Broszeit, Erik Kanz, Drew Lawson, Ben Anderson, Troy Langowski, Greg Mattick, Tyler Creeley, Patrick McCarthy, Brian Mahlstedt, Nick Frion, Brandon Reutzel, Jake Timm, Matt Appel, Jack Baehman, Brian Hanson, Alex Williamson, Brandon Hare
Heat 1 - Anderson, Broszeit, Mahlstedt, Williamson, Creeley, McCarthy, Hanson
Heat 2 - Kanz, Lawson, Hale, Mattick, Baehman, Frion
Heat 3 - Walski, Langowski, Hare, Timm, Reutzel, Appel

The Jailhouse Saloon WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature -
Nick Schwebach, Cory Hanson, Danny Hanson, Ryan Henderson, Shaun Mann, Matt Wolfe, Fred Prudoehl, Lee Hager, Darryll Foegen, Jesse Lutz, Lonnie Klonecki, Jane Keating, Jim Gustafson
Heat 1 - D. Hanson, Schwebach, Henderson, Foegen, Wolfe, Keating, Prudoehl
Heat 2 - Mann, C. Hanson, Gustafson, Hager, Klonecki, Lutz

The Redbox+ 600 Mods

Feature - Joe Provinzino, Brett LaDuke, Jeff Matejka, Don Werner, Bill Baures, Greg Wohletz, Bruce Schmitt, John Griffin, Joe Jasnoch, Bob Cisewski, Nicholas Wagner
Heat 1 - Baures, Matejka, Griffin, Jasnoch, Cisewski, Wagner
Heat 2 - Provinzino, Wohletz, LaDuke, Werner, Schmitt

Sunshine Sanitation "A" Mini Mods

Feature - Derek Clement, Alex Stevens, Jackson Hale, Spencer Ihrke, Dylan Buckland
Heat 1 - Buckland, Hale, Clement, Stevens, Ihrke

Sunshine Sanitation "B" Mini Mods

Feature - Keagen Einck, Matthew Stevens, Devin Williamson, Matthew LaDuke, Nate Becker
Heat 1 - Williamson, LaDuke, Stevens, Einck, Becker


Rivercity Manufacturing USRA Modifieds

Feature - Les Duellman, Ben Mattick, Josh Angst, Jay Ihrke, Bob Timm, Josh Mattick, Kevin Viebrock, Leroy Scharkey, Lance Hofer, John Doelle, Shane Wehrs, Phil Wernert, Hank Rollinger Jr.
Heat 1 - B. Mattick, Scharkey, Doelle, Timm, Hofer, Wernert, Ihrke
Heat 2 - J. Mattick, Angst, Rollinger, Viebrock, Duellman, Wehrs

TheEngineStore.com USRA B-Mods

Feature - Ben Anderson, Brandon Hare, Erik Kanz, Greg Mattick, Shaun Walski, Tyler Creeley, Jack Baehman, Brian Mahlstedt, Patrick McCarthy, Matt Appel, Jimmy Broszeit, Brandon Reutzel, Alex Williamson, Nick Frion, Jake Timm, Troy Langowski, Troy Hovey, Brian Hanson
Heat 1 - Reutzel, Mahlstedt, Langowski, Kanz, Mattick, Appel
Heat 2 - Walski, Hare, Timm, Anderson, Williamson, Broszeit
Heat 3 - Hovey, Creeley, Frion, Baehman, McCarthy, Hanson

The Jailhouse Saloon WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature -
Danny Hanson, Jay Kesan, Danny Richards, Cory Hanson, Shaun Mann, Ryan Henderson, Fred Prudoehl, Lee Hager, Kyle Howland, Kris Peterson, David Shoe, Jesse Lutz, Lonnie Klonecki, Bill Engler, Jane Keating
Heat 1 - D. Hanson, Prudoehl, Howland, Hager, Shoe, Klonecki, Engler
Heat 2 - Kesan, C. Hanson, Richards, Mann, Henderson, Peterson, Lutz, Keating

The Redbox+ 600 Mods

Feature - Jeff Matejka, Joe Provinzino, Greg Wohletz, Bill Baures, Bruce Schmitt, Joe Jasnoch, John Griffin, Don Werner, Bob Cisewski, Nicholas Wagner
Heat 1 - Matejka, Werner, Jasnoch, Wohletz, LaDuke, Wagner
Heat 2 - Griffin, Schmitt, Provinzino, Baures, Cisewski

Sunshine Sanitation "A" Mini Mods

Feature - Mike Stevens, Alex Stevens, Spencer Ihrke, Dylan Buckland
Heat 1 - M. Stevens, Buckland, A. Stevens, Ihrke

Sunshine Sanitation "B" Mini Mods

Feature - Matthew Stevens, Jim Chisholm, Keagen Einck, Nate Becker, Devin Williamson, Matthew LaDuke
Heat 1 - Williamson, LaDuke, Chisholm, Stevens, Einck, Becker

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