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Tuesday  10/31/2023


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By Tracy Hager
FOUNTAIN CITY, WI (June 30, 2011) Elite Shock Services jumped on board to present the 2nd Annual Street Stock Summer Nationals at Mississippi Thunder Speedway to open up the Fourth of July holiday weekend. As the showcase class, the WISSOTA Street Stocks did not disappoint.

WISSOTA Late Models joined the show as they cased out the track in preparation for their big $3,000-to-win DART WISSOTA Late Model Challenge Series event the following night. Twenty-seven WISSOTA Late Models were on hand, and everyone was pushed into the main event. Jake Redetzke was the one to put the $1,000 paycheck in his pocket.

Thirty-one WISSOTA Street Stocks hit the track on a night where it seemed it must have been cooler IN a race car than watching; at least the drivers were not in the sun. Two locals were able to crack the top five, but it was Jay Kesan from Weyerhauser, Wisconsin to claim the honors in the WISSOTA Street Stock main event.

Drivers checked in from the surrounding areas as well as Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, and even Michigan to try their hand at taking home the $1,500 check in the WISSOTA Street Stocks. Four heats and one B-Main later, 24 cars were slated for out-of-car introductions to start off the Jailhouse Saloon WISSOTA Street Stock feature.

A strong and impressive field of Jailhouse Saloon WISSOTA Street Stocks set out on a mission with John Kallas as their leader. Adam Soltis and Mike Jans raced side by side behind Kallas for second while three-wide racing between Ryan Henderson, Jay Kesan, and Tim Johnson for fourth followed behind. Kallas ran strong out front as Jans, Soltis, and Kesan fell into line. Henderson and Johnson then raced side by side for fifth when Danny Hanson entered the picture in sixth. Johnson kept working the bottom of the track for fifth, but Henderson held his ground. Kesan made a move on Solits for third place but had to settle back to fourth. With ten laps down, Kallas continued his lead ahead of Jans while Soltis and Kesan moved into a side-by-side battle for third. Johnson and Henderson followed up with side-by-side racing for fifth when the first of two cautions waved over the field. Kallas' heart sank as he had to settle back into the field on the restart. The restart took off good, but going out of turn two, Soltis appeared to have dropped off the pace. A shuffle of cars, bumper tag, and bottlenecking resulted and at the end of the back stretch, a car got turned into the wall, hit by others and the result was Nick Wojcik rubber side up with Anthony Zvorak, Matt Wolfe, Danny Richards, and Doug Wojcik all involved. All drivers got out of their cars as the red light stopped traffic. After cleanup was complete, the restart set Kallas on the point ahead of Kesan and Jans. Kesan cleared Jans for second with Henderson on his tail. Kesan made his move to take the lead from Kallas, but not so fast; three-wide for the lead between Kesan, Kallas, and Johnson ensued at lap 14. Kesan pulled away briefly, but Johnson rode the low groove and Kallas the high groove as the two raced for second place. Danny Richards charged his topless car, after the backstretch incident, into fourth place ahead of Hanson. It truly was anyone's race as Kesan, Johnson, Richards, Kallas, and Hanson ran very close. With two laps to go, Johnson was on Kesan's bumper for the lead. As the final lap appeared, the lead cars nearly got entangled in the lap traffic of Jordan Kurtti whose car had suffered front right suspension damage. Kurtti did a great job of harnessing his unruly machine to allow the leaders through and on to the finish line. Kesan came through with the big win followed by Johnson, Kallas, Richards, and Hanson.

Eric Breeschoten got the jump on pole sitter Jake Redetzke in the WISSOTA Late Model feature over Nick Herrick and Steve Isenberg. As the cars sorted out their spots, Adam Hensel seemed to be the car on the move as he climbed from tenth to seventh in a short time. A caution with five laps down reset the field with Breeschoten out front alone followed by Herrick on the low side and Redetzke in the high groove. Craig Schueffner and Isenberg followed in the second full row as the cars tried to scamper into place at the green. Breeschoten, Redetzke, and Herrick continued up front while Jimmy Mars, Hensel, and Isenberg raced three-wide for fourth place for multiple laps. Doug Herrick waited in the wings behind the bunch in seventh for a spot to open up. At the half-way mark of the race, the top seven cars of Breeschoten, Redetzke, Nick Herrick, Isenberg, Hensel, Mars, and Doug Herrick broke away from the pack. Isenberg and Redetzke attempted a go for the lead on Breeschoten as they encroached on lap traffic. Nick Herrick worked hard to fend off Mars for third, but by lap 20, Mars took the spot. Redetzke got his chance as he snared the lead from Breeschoten. Mars followed into second place as time ran out. Redetzke hit it home with the win followed by Mars, Breeschoten, Nick Herrick, and Steve Isenberg.

Jeff Matejka notched another win in the Oakridge Fabrication 600 Mini Mods ahead of Brett LaDuke. Curtis Luhmann, Bill Baures, and Joe Provinzino capped the top five.



Jailhouse Saloon WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature - Jay Kesan, Tim Johnson, John Kallas, Danny Richards, Danny Hanson, Shaun Mann, Mike Jans, Ryan Henderson, Fred Prudoehl, Nick Schwebach, Troy Voth, Kris Peterson, Rick Lisowski, Jordan Kurtti, Mike Knudtson, Adam Soltis, Donny Ganz, Doug Wojcik, Nick Wojcik, Matt Wolfe, Anthony Zvorak, Cory Hanson, Darryll Foegen, James Weber
B-Main (Top 8 Transfer to A-Main) - Prudoehl, Kurtti, Mann, Wolfe, Foegen, Lisowski, Weber, Peterson, Jesse Lutz, David Shoe, Briana Grinstead, Kyle Howland, Bill Engler, Dan Holland
Heat 1 - N. Wojcik, Ganz, Richards, Schwebach, Lutz, Howland, Mann, Holland
Heat 2 - Johnson, Kallas, Soltis, C. Hanson, Prudoehl, Weber, Foegen, Kurtti
Heat 3 - Kesan, Henderson, Jans, Voth, Shoe, Engler, Lisowski
Heat 4 - D. Wojcik, D. Hanson, Zvorak, Knudtson, Peterson, Wolfe, Grinstead

WISSOTA Late Models

Feature -
Jake Redetzke, Jimmy Mars, Eric Breeschoten, Nick Herrick, Steve Isenberg, Adam Hensel, Doug Herrick, John Kaanta, Chad Mahder, Kyle Jumbeck, Lance Matthees, Craig Schueffner, Brent Larson, Joel Cryderman, Chris Oertel, Joe Ludemann, Kevin Kuehn, Jordan Yaggy, Chad Becker, Chris Gilbertson, Kelly Anderson, Seth Brede, Dennis Hillson, Mike Stadel, Cory Mahder, Justin Ochsner, Brad Waits
Heat 1 - Isenberg, Anderson, Redetzke, Mars, Kaanta, Stadel, Gilbertson, Hillson, Yaggy
Heat 2 - N. Herrick, Jumbeck, D. Herrick, Schueffner, Matthees, Ludemann, Becker, Ochsner, Kuehn
Heat 3 - No Data at Time of Printing

The Redbox+ 600 Mods

Feature -
Jeff Majetka, Brett LaDuke, Curtis Luhmann, Bill Baures, Joe Provinzino, Joe Jasnoch, John Griffin, Greg Wohletz, Bruce Schmitt, Justin Zmyewski, Nicholas Wagner, Bob Cisewski, Don Werner
Heat 1 - Baures, LaDuke, Werner, Luhmann, Zmyewski, Wohletz
Heat 2 - Matejka, Provinzino, Schmitt, Jasnoch, Wagner, Cisewski

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