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Saturday  12/11/2021


Join us for a fun & entertaining evening as trophies are awarded to drivers during celebrations at The Black Horse Bar and Grill in Winona, MN

The top 10 in track points for all USRA classes will receive point fund checks and the top 5 in all five weekly classes from 2021 will receive trophies.


Sat. December 11th

at the Black Horse Bar & Grill

To reserve tickets please contact Hailey Towner at 507-474-2750 or you can email her at hailey@oakridgefabrication.com

Adults: $20
Students 10-17: $10
Kids 9 and under: FREE
Social Hour
5:00 to 6:00 PM
6:00 to 7:00 PM (Hot dogs, Brats, Burgers, Chicken Tenders, Fries)
7:00 to 8:30 PM
After the awards banquet, the band Troubleshooter will keep the place rocking for the rest of the night!!


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WINONA, MN (Sunday January 1, 2012) – MISSISSIPPI THUNDER SPEEDWAY officially announced, during the 2011 Awards Banquet, that the Pure Stock class will be included in the 2012 competition schedule.

In an effort to make entry into the 2012 Pure Stock division as easy and cost effective as possible, MTS owners are excited to make the following announcements:
  1. Elmer's Auto Salvage Owner Les Duellman has agreed to help potential drivers get involved in this class. To do so, Elmer's Auto Salvage has set aside several cars and chassis which meet the below rules - making them legal options.
  2. Additionally, Les Duellman and Elmer's Auto Salvage has stated that they are willing to work with driver/owners to assist in the build of the car and/or the acquisition of necessary parts.
  3. Pure Stock driver/owners will be allowed to leave their cars at the track throughout the 2012 season (parking will be in the 'over flow pits' which is just to the right of the pit gate - meaning that the cost of trailer/towing options can be greatly curtailed to keep involvement in this division extremely cost effective.
  4. Elmer's Auto Salvage Owner Les Duellman has agreed to help potential drivers get involved in this class. To do so, Elmer's Auto Salvage has set aside several cars and chassis which meet the below rules - making them legal options.
In order to give drivers and owners an opportunity to begin preparations for competing in the 2012 Pure Stock division, MTS owners and officials have released the following "2012 MTS PURE STOCK RULES" (a printable PDF version of these rules is available by clicking here):



The sole intent is to provide a low cost entry-level class of racecars. Promoter reserves the right to modify these rules as necessary to maintain a low cost, competitive, entry level class.


American built passenger cars with minimum wheelbase of 108” or 110” uni-body with sub-frame installed. 2 or 4 door, hardtops or coupes. No ragtops, truck, Camaros, or Firebirds or front wheel drive or 4wd. All glass and burnable interior items must be removed. Car must be stripped of all chrome moldings, all pot metal, plastic and fiberglass. Steering must remain in stock position. Remove or disable steering lock. Quick release hub highly recommended. No steering quickners of any kind. Stock Power Steering pumps only. Stock Pulleys only, no alum. Quick release hood pins only on hood and trunk. No wing nuts, bolts, bungees, wires, or chains. Interior cannot be boxed in. Stock or steel fabricated firewall between trunk and interior and between motor and interior mandatory. Stock floor pan or steel fabricated pan must be present all the way to trunk. The trunk floor pan may be removed. You may remove outer half of rear fender wells. Removal only to factory seam allowed. Wheel openings may be trimmed for tire clearance only! Repairs for rust ok, but original body may not be cut away. Must have bars and screen in drivers half of windshield opening. (Minimum 3 bars) Doorplate in driver’s door outside if roll cage with minimum thickness of 18 gauge. Front hoop from main cage to front of radiator allowed. Maximum 1 1/2” outside diameter tubing, .095 wall thickness maximum. Tow hooks and/or loops mandatory both front and rear of car. The tow hooks will be grounds for DQ if not present. Bumpers must be anchored securely (welded, chained, or bolted to body.) No sharp edges. Must weigh a minimum 3200 pounds total weight, with driver after race. No gas, oil, or transmission lines or hoses maybe run in the cockpit unless they are braided steel lines. All weights must be fastened with (2) ½” bolts grade 5 or grade 8. No ready rod allowed. No cement filled tubes. All weights must be painted white with car number on them. Weight must be mounted below window openings and in front of rearend. Sun visors allowed with 7” max height. Must have number on visor closest to driver’s side. All body parts (fenders doors and bumpers) must be securely fastened at all times.

 OEM Bumpers required. Bumpers may be reinforced with 2 * 2 or 2* 3 tubing.

 No nose or tail cones/covers.


12-volt only battery only. Must be mounted inside drivers compartment, or between frame rails inside trunk. Battery must be in marine type case if mounted in driver’s compartment. All batteries must be securely mounted and shielded. All cars must have battery kill switch clearly labeled “ON AND OFF”, accessible for driver with seatbelts on.


Original gas tank must be removed. Safety approved fuel cells are mandatory. Maximum capacity of 22 gallons allowed. Fuel cells must be mounted in a metal case and surrounded with a minimum of two (2) 1/8 inch by two (2) inch metal straps. Fuel cell must be equipped with a device to prevent fuel leakage in the event of vehicle upset. Highly recommended to have a tip over valve. Any fuel cell vent must extend to bottom of fuel cell and be fastened at lowest point. No vented caps allowed. It is recommended that fuel cell caps be fastened to the fuel cell. Fuel cell must be mounted above frame rails.



Helmets are required and must be worn at all times when car is on the track. Helmets must be a minimum of SNELL SA2000 rated. Helmet must not have any visible defects. Any helmet deemed unsafe by track officials, will not be allowed to be used by drivers. Helmet must accompany driver to scale and tech area. Helmet must have full face shield and must be in place when racing.

 Alum racing seat is required. Any item deemed unsafe by tech officials will require the item to be corrected. Such corrections must be reviewed by tech officials before car is allowed to race.


Driver’s suit of flame retardant material is required. If using a two piece suit, top and bottom must be worn at the same time. Suit must be in good condition (no holes, free of oil and grease, etc.).


Safety harness must be minimum five (5) point with anti-submarine belt. Belts must be fastened to roll cage. Safety harness and belts must be a minimum of three (3) inches wide. Metal to metal buckles are required on the shoulder harness, lap belt, and anti-submarine belt. All belts and harness must be no older than five (5) years. All belts and harnesses must be made by a commercial manufacturer and intended for competition use. Shoulder belt mounting point must be a minimum of 5” below drivers shoulders.  Window nets are required. Removal or defacing of date code will deem belts and harness illegal. Window net must be fastened to roll cage or door bars. Net must be securely fastened at lower edge and have release mechanism at upper front of window opening and accessible to driver while in the car. Roll bar padding required and neck braces are strongly recommended.


Main cage must be minimum of 1 ¾” OD. Mild steel tubing to be used, must have wall thickness of at least 0.095. No iron pipe or square tubing allowed. No brazing or soldering allowed. Must have a minimum of four (4) horizontal bars in driver’s door. Must be frame mounted in at least six (6) places. Must consist of a front and rear hoops connected by tubing on top side, above drivers head. Roll cage may extend to rear bumper and ahead of firewall to rear of “A” frame. Vent window brace required from cage hoop to top of door bars on both sides. Rear hoop cross bracing required.


Rear springs must be stock appearing with pig tail ends. Must use stock mounts. Must use stock shocks and stock mounts. Stock bushing and arms only.(see claim rule)


Front springs must be stock appearing. Minimum of 5” diameter.

None adjustable front spring cups are allowed. No shims and no spacers.

No chains, no alterations to suspension. No racing suspension allowed. Shocks must be stock style and in stock location. Original spring pockets may not be altered. No adjustable weight jacks.


No adjustable proportioning valve. Operable and effective 4-wheel brakes mandatory at all times. All brake components must be stock. No 3-wheel or brake shut off. No disk brakes on rear of car. Dual chamber original equipment manufactured master cylinder mandatory.


Eight (8) inch maximum steel wheel. Approved racing wheels mandatory on passenger side, optional on left side of car. All wheels must use over size steel lug nuts of one inch. No bead locks or screws, no spacers, or adaptors, no aluminum.

 Hoosier, American Racer, or Goodyear  8” racing tire allowed. Tire must be used and worn to a minimum of 75% tread depth of a new tire or will be deemed illegal. Any stock street tire up to 8” wide tread face will also be legal. Minimum 20 psi in right side tires at start and end of race.

 Loss of tire, wheel, or flat tire must go to the pits immediately.


Stock Holley 4412 2-barrel 500 CFM only. Track provided restrictor plate must be in place for any motors over 320ci.(see engine rule). No milling, cutting, or grinding on carburetor. Air horn must be in tack. Stock, 2 or 4 barrel intake only. Carburetor adapter, restrictor plate and gaskets combined may not to exceed one (1.6875) inch. No carburetor spacers, no electric fuel pumps. Stock fuel pumps only. Must use two (2) throttle return springs.

 Pump gas only. No racing fuel or additives.

 (see claim rule)



Stock automatic transmissions only. No lock-up or stall converter. A minimum of a twelve (12) inch diameter functional torque converter. Extra cooling for transmission under hood or in the trunk only.

 Stock rearends with stock mounts allowed. No floaters. Highly recommend after market right rear axle. Welded gears are allowed, mini spools are highly recommended. No limited slip type rear ends allowed. (Gold Tracker, Detroit locker, etc.) Gear limited to no deeper than 356’s. Drive shaft loop mandatory. Drive shaft hoop is too mounted no closer than 5” from center of front U-joint and no farther back than 9”.

(see claim rule)



No intermarriage of engines allowed (GM for GM and Ford for Ford, etc., only). All engines OVER 320ci. Must run track supplied restrictor plate.

A. No aluminum or aftermarket blocks allowed. No splayed or aftermarket main caps allowed. No turning a block that wasn’t produced as a 4 bolt main into a 4 bolt main block. No grinding or polishing of any kind allowed to block. The two rear oil return holes in lifter galley can have the flashing ground out of the hole only.

B. All cars must be equipped with an engine with a stock stroke. No intermingling of crankshafts, rods or pistons to change stroke. Crankshaft and connecting rods must be O.E.M. to block with no lightening, grinding, knife edging or polishing of any type. No marine parts. Absolutely no strokers.  No after-market rods or crankshaft. No aftermarket harmonic balancers allowed. Stock balancers only. Balancer may be degreed but must meet measurements below. No modifications of any kind allowed. No 283, 307, or 327 balancers allowed on any engine other than a 283, 307 or small journal 327. Minimum size 283-307 and small journal 327 is 6 1/8 by ¾ inch thick. 305, 350 and large journal 327 minimum size is 6 ¾ by 1- 3/16 inch thick. No fluid balancers. No hubs only – balancer must be two piece.

C. The maximum engine over bore permitted will be .040 on the 360 Chrysler engine. On Chevrolet, Ford and 340 Chrysler, the maximum over bore permitted will be .060. Stock-type cast dished pistons only. No flat tops with machined dish. Pistons must be below deck on all engines.

1. Chevrolet engines will be permitted a maximum displacement of 360.4 C.I.D.

2. Ford engines will be permitted a maximum displacement of 362 C.I.D.

3. 360 Chrysler engine will be permitted a maximum displacement of 367 C.I.D.

Engine compressions limit 9.5to1. 150 compression max “0” tolerance cold.

 (see claim rule)


D. Distributors - Stock ignition only(stock working order). No aftermarket ignitions allowed.

E. Stock cast iron two or four barrel intake manifolds only. No aftermarket, marine, propane, throttle body or fuel injected manifolds. No raised plenum truck manifolds. Absolutely no reworked intake manifolds. No coating, painting, grinding, port matching, polishing or acid porting work in the inside of the intake manifold. Center intake bolt holes may be drilled to match 1987-1995 Chevrolet heads.

F. Cylinder heads O.E.M. only; no angle milling allowed.

1. No angle plug, vortex or camelback heads or comparable camelback heads allowed on Chevrolet. Some of the casting numbers not allowed include: 186, 187, 414, 492, 461, 461x, 462, 432, 041, 040, 370, 10239906, 14011083, 14096217, 10125320, 10208890, and 12554290. Also, no A.R.D. heads, no GT40 or magnum heads allowed.

2. No Bowtie, SVO, W2 or any other aftermarket heads allowed at any time.

3. No porting, polishing, grinding or port matching allowed at any time. Valve seats may be ground no further than ¼ -inch below top of the seat.

4. Valve size must match head being used. No 2.02 intake valves on Chevrolet or Chrysler. No 1.6 exhaust valves.

5. Stock ratio rockers only; no fulcrum roller or roller-tipped rockers allowed. No stud girdles allowed. No guide plates allowed. Stamped steel rockers only. No modifications of any kind allowed on rockers except oil hole may be deburred. Valley pans allowed. No screw in studs.

6. Valve springs must be the stock diameter for the cylinder head being used. No bee hive-conical type valve springs allowed

7. Engine must have stock rubber mounts or steel mounts and must be in stock location for the type of engine being used. Must be eight (8) cylinder.

8. No titanium parts of any kind allowed.

G. Camshafts

1. Hydraulic camshafts and lifters only. No roller cams or roller lifters allowed. No mushroom or step lifters allowed. No machining permitted to install cam or lifters.

Must be able to remove lifter from top of lifter galley at any time. Bushing of lifter bores is not allowed. Lifters must be steel or iron and must be free to rotate. Maximum valve lift is .410 inch. Valve lift will be checked on the push rod side, multiplied by 1.5. (stock rocker ratio allowed) Stock push rod lengths mandatory for engine. No anti-pump ups or lifter shims.

2. Any timing chain allowed. No gear drives allowed. Valve timing configuration and firing order must match engine used. Example: Chevy 18436572.

H. Stock cast iron exhaust manifolds only. No center-dump manifolds. No manifold with a cold inside diameter over 2.25 inches allowed

 No other after-market or reworked manifolds allowed. Maximum 2.5 inch O.D. exhaust pipes and exhaust must extend to behind driver’s seat.

I.One (1) radiator only: Must be in stock location. Aluminum radiator allowed. Radiator core support may be removed.

J. No crank trigger ignitions allowed.

K. No vacuum pump/air pump allowed.

L. Stock appearing oil pans only. No kick-outs.

M. No cap screw rods.

N. No Coating, painting or any other work to inside of intake manifolds, heads and block lifter galley allowed.

O. Lifters must collapse a minimum of 100 thousands and be made of magnetic material.

P. No external oil pumps of any kind allowed.

Q. Starter must be in stock location.

R. Main cap girdle not allowed. Crank scraper not allowed.


All cars must be neatly painted, lettered, and numbered. All cars must be painted on contrasting color on both sides with no prophanity or obscene gestures. Large numbers on the roof and on each side of the car doors are required four (4) inches thick and eighteen (18) inches high). Number may consist of one (1) or two (2), but not more than three (3) digits. If additional letter is used it must be at least half the size of the numbers (two (2) inches thick, nine (9) inches high. Car number must be in upper right hand of windshield and rear of car six (6) inches by six (6) in sizes. Numbers must be in solid colors only.



Claim Rule

 The following items will be subject to claim by either another competitor in the pure stock class or the track promoter.

 Engine - $250.00

 Transmission - $250.00

 Carburetor - $50.00

 Shocks(all 4) - $50.00

 All items subject to claim are exchange.

 To qualify for any claim, competitor must finish feature and pass tech. Driver must present cash to claim to tech inspector in the tech area immediately following feature. Positions 1-5 are subject to claim and positions 2nd on back are eligible to claim.

1st  Claim refusal will result in loss of all points year to date and winnings for that night. A one week suspension will also be imposed.

 2nd Claim refusal will results in loss of points year to date and winnings for that night. A 30 day suspension will also be imposed.

 3rd Claim refusal will results in loss of points year to date and winnings for that night. Driver will also be suspended for the remainder of that racing season.


Engine Claim does not include: 1.Flexplate 2.breathers 3.carburetor or spacers 4.starter 5.motor mounts 6.oil/temp sending units 7.fan and pulleys 8.dip stick 9.water pump 10.fuel pump, rod and plate 11.distributor 12.plug wires 13.water outlet and restrictor 14.exhaust manifold and pipes.


  Points will be awarded in the same manner as all Wissota classes. Points average line-ups for feature will be implemented.



No unsportsmanlike display of temper at any time!!! There will be up to $500 fine imposed on any driver if driver or crew members are directly involved with any fighting or misconduct at any event.

Driver will be held responsible for pit crew members, car owners, and sponsors. Based on offense, driver will lose money for the night and could lose points to date and could receive a suspension from MTS. A second offense will suspend the driver and car for one calendar year. NO INTOXICATING BEVERAGES may be consumed by anyone in the pits until after all classes of racing are completed. Violation will result in disqualification and fined.


Waivers - Anyone entering the pits must read and sign waiver. Must wear wristband. Anyone under the age of 18 must also have a minor release form signed by parent or legal guardian of file at MTS. Pitman not allowed on the track at any time, including after their car has raced this could result in disqualification.

If you pull into the pits you go to the back of the pack. If you go 2 laps down you must stay in the pits.

FOR YOUR SAFETY -when ever you are on the track, stay in your car at all times. Keep belts tight and helmet on. If you get out of your car, you are disqualified.

Transponders will not be required for the Pure Stock class. Racecievers will be required.





The rules and regulations set forth herein are designed to provide orderly conduct of racing events and to establish acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants agree to comply with these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFTY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury of death to a participant, spectator or official. The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATION. Any interpretation of, or deviation from these rules is left to the discretion of the MTS officials. THEIR DECISION IS FINAL!

And so, the roar of Pure Stocks will once again be heard in Fountain City, WI. Here's looking forward to an exciting 2012 season at MISSISSIPPI THUNDER SPEEDWAY.

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