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Saturday  4/22/2017

9th Annual MTS Car Show
presented by

Open To The Public from 10:30am – 1:00pm
at Dahl Auto Plaza

MISSISSIPPI THUNDER SPEEDWAY Competitors and fans are welcome!!

Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Winona will once again be providing beverages, while Hy-Vee of Winona will be ready to feed your hunger by providing Hot Dogs.

That's right, FREE HOT DOGS & POP for visitors!

MTS Announcer, & Winona Radio's voice of motorsports, Dan Bailey will be on hand with live remote broadcasts, talking with some of the drivers and speedway representatives about the quickly approaching 2017 season!

2017 MTS Kids Club Sign up available
2017 MTS Schedules will be available

Space is limited so contact Kasi Johnson at 608-687-3282 to reserve your spot asap!!



FOUNTAIN CITY, WI (August 7th, 2014) – MISSISSIPPI THUNDER SPEEDWAY is excited to release information about the Third Annual Baehman Law B-Mod Nationals - "THE $100,000 WEEKEND" - coming to the fast 1/3 mile speedway in Fountain City, WI for a multi-day extravaganza September 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th!

The details related to this HUGE event, may be changing often, so please return to this page for updates! View Rules, Payout and Registraion documents below.

(click for a larger view)

Schedules for all three days, rules & Payout information is available below.

Below is a listing of Drivers who have already pre-registered as of Tuesday September 2nd - 126 entries, 66 USRA, 42 WISSOTA, 15 IMCA (3 Undecided) - 2 Countries, 9 states, 1 Canadian Province (MINNESOTA, IOWA, WISCONSIN, NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA, MISSOURI, KANSAS, MONTANA, ILLINOIS, & ONTARIO). Out of interest expressed by both racers and fans, we will try to keep updating this list as additional drivers register.

1 4-Jan Aaron Scroggins USRA Neasho,MO
2 Red 1 Dan Wheeler Wissota Savage,MN
3 4Z Zach Olson Wissota Great Falls, MT
4 99 Mark Kangas Wissota Eveleth, MN
5 11t Willy Thompson Wissota Hibbing, MN
6 23m Matt Jones USRA Waukon, IA
7 3f Jeramie Faber IMCA Burt, IA
8 951 Chris Myhre IMCA Burt, IA
9 12k Casey Kuntson USRA Spring Grove, MN
10 51 Blake Arndt USRA Brownsdale, MN
11 11 Mike Higley USRA Kansas City, MO
12 7m Heath Murry USRA Tonganoxie, KS
13 16D Dan Hovden USRA Decorah, IA
14 8K Justin Kupka USRA Decorah, IA
15 9X Nick Wranek USRA Tea, SD
16 33 Stephen Muilenburg USRA Sparta, MO
17 86 Dan Tenold USRA Northwood, IA
18 22T Tyler N. Tesch USRA Lennox, SD
19 1 Gregory Allen Sidles IMCA Emmetsburg, IA
20 7 Cullen Deruyter USRA Ruhton, MN
21 3 Bryce Garnhart IMCA Shannon, IL
22 777 Aaron Krohn IMCA Slayton, MN
23 19J Jenae Gustin IMCA Marshalltown, IA
24 88 Nate Chodur USRA Lake Mills, IA
25 97 Leigh Volkman USRA Rushford, MN
26 1 Jon VanMinsel USRA Spring Grove, MN
27 42 Dan Christopher USRA Decorah, IA
28 35 Grant Southworth Wissota Bloomer, WI
29 1s Scott Bintz Wissota Jamestown, ND
30 z17 Zach Dockter Wissota Minot, ND
31 44 Ben Anderson USRA Goodview,MN
32 00R Chad Rosendahl USRA Winona, Mn
33 3A Taylor Ausrud USRA Hatfield, MN
34 22 Randy Kollman WIssota Fargo, ND
35 82jr Roger Trame IMCA South Wayne, WI
36 22T Michael Truscott Wissota Chipewa falls, WI
37 28 Parker Hale USRA Grand Meadow, MN
38 85 Ben Moudry USRA Cottage Grove, MN
39 B00K Dyan Book IMCA Adel, IA
40 10T Trevor Fecht USRA Allison,IA
41 16 Jason Vandekamp Wissota Scandia, MN
42 23 Mitch Weiss Wissota Scandia, Mn
43 90 Tyler Creeley USRA Winona, MN
44 1K Parker Kessel USRA Waukon, IA
45 7t Jered Timmerman USRA Norwalk, IA
46 13 Ryan Konkel USRA Winona, Mn
47 98 Kyle Anderson USRA Decorah, IA
48 27S Jason Schlangen USRA Cresco, IA
49 26 Nate Mosterd USRA Orange City, IA
50 6 Dustin Kruse USRA Brandon, SD
51 C18 Ryan Fike Wissota Jamestown, ND
52 77J Johnny Clemens Wissota Jamestown, ND
53 49 Dean Pronschinske Wissota Strum, WI
54 411 Josh Ihlenfeld USRA Owatonna, MN
55 411X Channing Warner Wissota Owatonna, MN
56 21 Jacob Bleess USRA Chatfeild, MN
57 21x Andrew Bleess Wissota Chatfeild, MN
58 15 Eric Gadach Wissota Menomonie, WI
59 23K Erik Kanz USRA Winona, MN
60 11JR Randal Schiffelbein Jr. USRA Tecumseh, KS
61 38 Logan Scott IMCA Odebolt, IA
62 83 Keagan Scott IMCA Odebolt, IA
63 21 Mike Powell USRA Canton,SD
64 15 Todd Schanfenbuel USRA New Hampton, IA
65 3 Ryan Viltz Wissota Chetek, WI
66 8 Tito Viltz Wissota Rice Lake, WI
67 17h Ryan Halverson USRA Decorah, IA
68 97X Don Schaefer Wissota Eyota, Mn
69 28 Jimmy Patzner Wissota Winona, Mn
70 31 Bill Stettner USRA Inver Grove Hts, MN
71 86'd Dagan Heim USRA Rosemount, Mn
72 95x Kent Baxter Wissota Colfax, WI
73 54 John Feirn Wissota Chipewa falls, WI
74 26 Dwayne Pihulak Wissota Fort Frances, Ont
75 7M Miah Christensen USRA Sioux Falls, SD
76 14 Scott Harrington Wissota Waubay, SD
77 7 Tony Leif USRA Middel Ridge, WI
78 37 Micahel Wytaski USRA Lansing, MN
79 476X Troy Hovey USRA Decorah, IA
80 5 Dakota Foster USRA Gardner, KS
81 55 Josh Bazey Wissota Luck, WI
82 17Z Jesse Hernandez Wissota Blooming Prarie,MN
83 22 Jayme Hiller Wissota Owatonna, MN
84 21 Jake Smith Wissota Eau Claire, WI
85 74jr Dave Shackleton Wissota Menomonie, WI
86 47 Tad Schoonover Wissota Eagle River, WI
87 12t Trevor Drake USRA Joplin, MO
88 14 Shawn Strong USRA Billings, MO
89 24t Toby Thompson USRA Mountain Grove, MO
90 8L Lyle Sathoff USRA Armstrong, IA
91 7 Cory Crasper Wissota Chippewa Falls, WI
92 15W Alex Williamson USRA Rushford, MN
93 14 Scott Harrington Wissota Waubay, SD
94 35X Chris Gilbertson USRA Winona, Mn
95 20k Kyle Brown USRA Winona, Mn
96 4 Scott Guthrie Undecided Whitehall, WI
97 56H Brandon Hare USRA Elma, IA
98 55P David Pitz USRA Elma, IA
99 14M Brian Mahlstedt USRA Ionia, IA
100 95X Shaun Walski USRA Winona, Mn
101 39 Bob Wood Wissota Cadott, WI
102 21 Ryan Olson Wissota Strum, WI
103 11X Jason Schill Undecided Centuria, WI
104 11XX Scott Splittstoesser Undecided Cottage Grove, MN
105 88C Anthony Condit IMCA Austin, MN
106 30 Scott Demmer USRA Ellendale, MN
107 78 Chris Roney USRA Decorah, IA
108 88X Jimmy Broszeit USRA Postville, IA
109 21 Chris Weigert USRA Cresco, IA
110 34 Jeremy Schaufenbuel USRA New Hampton, IA
111 81 Jared Boumeester IMCA Waseca, MN
112 81H Bret Hansen Wissota Owatonna, MN
113 44V Harvey VandeWeerd IMCA Alton, IA
114 20 Dustin Scott Wissota Rosemount, Mn
115 21x Travis Saurer Wissota Elizabeth, Mn
116 23B Brett Bumgardner USRA Hawkeye, Ia
117 19 Dustin Sorenson USRA Rochester, MN
118 51 Jason Riechers IMCA Belmont, WI
119 19 Tracy Johnson Wissota Lake Preston, SD
120 98 Chris Huisman USRA Rock Rapids, WI
121 7P Darrel Hazelton Wissota Chippewa Falls, WI
122 91 Tyler Johnson Wissota Montrose, SD
123 1 Austin Kaplan IMCA Des Moines, IA
124 55 Josh Bazey Wissota Luck, WI
125 65 Kris Jackson USRA Lebanon, MO
126 28 Andy Bryland USRA Fort Scott, KS

MN 42
IA 33
WI 23
SD 9
MO 7
ND 5
KS 4
MT 1
IL 1

Undecided 3

Remember race-fans, Camping IS available on the speedway grounds, so bring the entire family and make an extended-weekend experience out of the 3rd Annual 2014 Baehman Law B-Mod Nationals - "THE $100,000 WEEKEND" - at MISSISSIPPI THUNDER SPEEDWAY!

Below is the official scheduling and admission information for this event:

Wed Sept. 3rd
Practice 6:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Pit gate Opens at 4:00pm
  • $20.00 Car & Driver and $10.00 per pit person - BUT, $40.00 Maximum charge per car for practice!
  • Grandstands will be open to public at no charge.
  • Pit concessions and limited Tower Concessions will be available.

Thursday Sept. 4th
Racing 6:00 PM start (complete show A & B Mods)
  • Pit Gate Opens at 3:00pm
  • $30.00 Pit Pass or, $90.00 3-Day pass. Kids 5 & under - Free, 12 & Under $15.00(non-competitors), or $45.00 3-Day Children's pass.
  • Grandstands Open at 5:00pm
  • General Admission: Adults $12, Senior $10, Students 23 & under w/student ID & Kids ABSOLUTELY FREE!!
  • Kitchen Concessions will be serving Breakfast from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Friday Sept. 5th
Racing 6:00 PM start (complete show A & B Mods)
  • Pit Gate Opens at 3:00 PM
  • $30.00 Pit Pass, Kids 5 & under - Free, Kids 12 & Under $15.00 (non-competitors)
  • Grandstands Open at 5:00 PM
  • General Admission: Adults $15, Senior $12, Students 23 & under w/student ID & Kids ABSOLUTELY FREE!!
  • Kitchen Concessions will be serving Breakfast from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM.
  • Post-Race entertainment - DJ will be playing in the "Party Shed" directly following the races!

Saturday Sept. 6th
Racing 6:00pm start
(complete show A & B Mods)
  • Pit Gate Opens at 3:00 PM
  • $35.00 Pit Pass, Kids 15 & Under $15.00(non-competitors), Kids not yet walking- Free
  • Grandstands Open at 5:00 PM
  • General Admission: Adults $18, Senior $16, Students 23 & under w/student ID & Kids ABSOLUTELY FREE!!
  • Kitchen Concessions will be serving Breakfast from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM.
  • Driver introduction ceremony (Time Permitting).

click here for a full-sized printable PDF version of the 2014 Baehman Law B-Mod Nationals RULES

click here for a full-sized printable PDF version of the 2014 Baehman Law B-Mod Nationals PAYOUT

click here for a full-sized printable PDF version of the 2014 Baehman Law B-Mod Nationals REGISTRATION FORM

click here for some links to some places to stay in the MTS area. Remember, CAMPING IS AVAILABLE AT THE TRACK.

MISSISSIPPI THUNDER SPEEDWAY is located 3.0 miles north of Fountain City on Wisconsin Highway 35. For more information, call 608-687-3282 or visit www.MississippiThunder.com on the World Wide Web.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

MISSISSIPPI THUNDER SPEEDWAY is presenting its 6th season of top-notch dirt track action in Fountain City, WI. The high-banked 1/3 mile dark-clay oval is quickly becoming known as one of the best speedways in the upper Midwest presenting dirt track racing in a fan and family friendly atmosphere every Friday night throughout the racing season.

For all details, continue visiting the MISSISSIPPI THUNDER SPEEDWAY web site: www.MississippiThunder.com

-- END --