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Season Opener

With a practice under our belt and weather looking to be cooperative for the rest of the week,
we are confident the speedway will be in great shape for the season opener. We will continue
to tighten the race surface to provide a smooth multi-groove race track.

Call in draws will be allowed for drivers not able to make the 6:30 draw cut-off. You must call the
track phone at 608-687-3282 and leave a clear message with your name, car #, and class.
We must receive call in draws no later than 6:30pm. Please do not call in to draw if you will
make it to the track by draw cut-off. We are doing this as convenience for racers with a
longer haul or needing to work late. Please do not abuse it.

Schedule will be as follows:
4:30pm Pit Gate Opens
5:45pm Mini Mod Draw Cut-off
6:00pm Mini Mod Pit Meeting
6:15pm Mini Mod Qualifing Heats
6:30pm Draw Cut-Off
6:45pm Pit Meeting
7:00pm Races Start

Grand Stands will open at 5:00pm
Mini Mod Heats 6:15pm
Regular Races 7:00pm