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And it Rained....Again

FOUNTAIN CITY (June 12) – It was Friday in Fountain City, so yes, it rained. For the entire duration of the shortened program, a light rain kept a steady pace over the track eventually picking up enough to end the night after all heats were completed.

But before the inevitable, the evening started out with accolades for the Winona Radio Driver of the Week. WISSOTA Super Stock driver Gary Wiersgalla was named the previous event’s driver of the week and was the bearer of the flag for the National Anthem.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds then zipped onto the track for their heats although a light rain persisted. The heat events for all classes progressed to intermission at which time blading on the track began. The A and B Mini Mods ran their features on the small track as work continued on the main track.

Dylan Buckland darted to the lead over Mathew Schliesman in the B Midwest Mini Mod feature. Alex Stevens, Tanner Brown, and Rachel LaDuke fell into third, fourth, and fifth places. Schliesman challenged Buckland, but Buckland would have nothing to do with it as he maintained the lead. Stevens continued to move closer to the lead cars when Schliesman took over first place from Buckland. Brown and LaDuke remained competitive in fourth and fifth place as Schliesman set his sights on the finish line. Schliesman won his third feature followed by Buckland, Stevens, LaDuke, and Brown.

Nia Gardner led from flag to flag in the A Midwest Mini Mod feature. Jake Timm, Alex Williamson, and Mike Stevens followed Gardner closely on the start. Williamson and Stevens waged a good battle for second place while Gardner extended her lead. Williamson eventually unleashed himself and took over second place as Stevens settled into third ahead of Jerome and Gary Kellner. Gardner began to lap cars as she headed toward the checkered flag. In her first race this season, Gardner won top prize followed by Williamson, Stevens, Jerome Kellner, and Gary Kellner.

By the time the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were ready to begin the main events portion of the show, the rain became heavier and ultimately ceased racing for the night. Double features will highlight racing on Friday, June 19th. All regular classes will be in action.

WISSOTA Midwest Modified Feature –
Rained Out Heat 1 – Kyle Jumbeck, Dustin Scott, Chris Gilbertson, Pete Bushman, Erik Kanz, Josh Appel, Don Schaefer Heat 2 – Dalton Yohnk, Jared Happel, Travis Krause, Tyler Creeley, Chris Creeley, Justin Sass, Josh Crary

WISSOTA Street Stock Feature –
Rained Out Heat 1 – Fred, Prudoehl, Kevin Hager, Dan Bork, Rick Lisowski, Lee Hager, Rich Theisen, Shaun Mann Heat 2 – Danny Hanson, Donny Ganz, Andy Hoch, Tyler Sass, Lonnie Klonecki, Jane Keating, Danny Richards

WISSOTA Super Stock Feature –
Rained Out Heat 1 – Jon Duffy, Gary Wiersgalla, Tim Williamson, Troy Langowski, Jeff Brauer, Jay Orrichio, Scott Rollinger Heat 2 – Bob Fort, Josh Rodewald, Dennis Earney, Kevin Hager, Josh Bartel, Michael Hofer, Brian Fetting

USRA Modifieds Feature –
Rained Out Heat 1 – Josh Angst, John Doelle, Roger Niederkorn, Andy Bohnstengel, Paul Hamernik, Les Jonsgaard Heat 2 – Bob Timm, Adam Stockhausen, Hank Rollinger, Jeremy Jonsgaard, Brian Albrecht, Lance Hofer, Brad Waits

Hornets Feature – Rained Out Heat 1 –
Johny Severtson, Brock Adamson, Justin Eide, Shawn Applen, Leonard Hicks, Kevin Laufenberg, Brandon Gleiter, Michael Thompson Heat 2 – Mike Krause, Kohl Adamson, Rick Slawson, Kyle Patzner, Guy Hamernik, Adam Kerley, Fletcher Miline, Ron Jablonske

A Mini Mods Feature –
Nia Gardner, Alex Williamson, Mike Stevens, Jerome Kellner, Gary Kellner, Jake Timm, Don Werner

B Mini Mods Feature –
Mathew Schliesman, Dylan Buckland, Alex Stevens, Rachel LaDuke, Tanner Brown, Matthew LaDuke, Matt Stevens, Anna Schliesman

600 Mini Mods Feature –
Rained Out Heat – Don Werner, Dave Frichte, Joe Jasnoch