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Anderson Tops WISSOTA Midwest Mods at Mississippi Thunder

FOUNTAIN CITY (July 3) – For the second night in a row, fans were treated to some great racing at Mississippi Thunder Speedway in Fountain City on the holiday weekend. Gary Wiersgalla got total redemption with a big win in the WISSOTA Super Stocks after coming off a DNF the previous night. Danny Hanson returned to victory lane in the WISSOTA Street Stocks, and Josh Angst nailed the win in the USRA Modified caution-draped feature. Kyle Jumbeck did a wheel dance as he ran both the WISSOTA Midwest Modified division as well as the USRA Modified class by changing tires and adding a spoiler. Jake Timm who runs the Midwest Mini Mod division was honored as the Winona Radio Driver of the Week.

Green flag and away they went in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature with three-wide racing down the front stretch. Don Schaefer set out first followed by Ryan Olson while Dalton Yohnk, Chris Creeley, and Leigh Volkman tore three-wide down the back stretch for third place. Caution one arrived when a spin in turn four resulted in what appeared to be five cars in a parking lot sitting side by side. Schaefer took the point on the restart followed by Olson, Creeley, Volkman, and Yohnk. Olson quickly assumed the lead by the time turn one appeared and left Schaefer to chase him down. Yohnk moved into third, and Creeley got around Volkman for fourth. Kyle Jumbeck got steaming and was into fourth place which sent Creeley back to fifth. Another caution reset the field with Olson, Schaefer, Yohnk, Jumbeck, and Creeley leading the pack. Yohnk shot up to give Olson a strong challenge for the lead, but Jumbeck was fast to the inside of turn four to make a bid for second place. ! Volkman took a dive down to the infield which pulled a caution. With 13 laps to go, the final surge was set. Olson topped the restart once again over Jumbeck, Yohnk, Creeley, and Erik Kanz who popped into fifth. Olson found himself being chased hard by Jumbeck and Yohnk who ran side by side in second place. Jumbeck managed to get on Olson’s bumper while Yohnk appeared to try different lines to get back around Jumbeck. Jumbeck nearly made the pass on Olson in turn one for the lead, but Olson powered back to hold the spot. Kanz then slipped a bit high in turn four but was able to stay in fourth over Chris Gilbertson who had put Creeley back a spot. Jumbeck was able to steal the lead from Olson and with four laps to go, Jumbeck laid down a complete straightaway lead over Olson. Jumbeck mastered the win over Olson. Yohnk finished third while Kanz and Gilbertson finished fourth and fifth respectively.

A tight start for the WISSOTA Street Stocks set the pace for the entire race, but a caution before the first lap was complete stopped the cars on the track. While going out of turn four to complete the first lap, Cory Hanson in his first show this season at the speedway, shot nose first into the front stretch wall and flipped hard on his side. Emergency personnel helped him from his car, and Hanson was reported to be fine although he was limping as he headed to his “mandatory 15” in the ambulance; a necessity when one rolls. Another tight restart followed and Jimmy Patzner led the field over Andy Hoch, Fred Prudoehl, and Danny Richards. Soon Donny Ganz blew in between Kevin Hager and Richards into third place which shuffled Hoch backwards. Danny Hanson tore outside of Hager and into fifth while Patzner held the lead up ahead. Ganz moved into second place as Richards, Prudoehl, and Hanson went three-wide for third through fifth places. Prudoehl and Hanson then raced si! de by side for fourth when Richards pulled into third. Hager gained some ground and then challenged Prudoehl for fifth place as the top six ran very close. Patzner kept hold of the lead followed closely by Ganz, Richards, Hanson, Prudoehl, and Hager. Ganz was able to find the right time to dive under Patzner for the lead, but Hanson and Richards were right behind. A three-way contest for the lead was in full swing between Ganz, Richards, and Patzner as Hanson clung close to the bunch. Ganz grabbed the lead over Richards and Patzner as those two raced side by side for second. A second caution reeled the field back in to set up the final nine laps. Ganz, Patzner, Richards, Hanson, and Prudoehl sat atop the bunch, and Richards got the line to challenge Ganz for the lead followed by Patzner and Hanson. Prudoehl and Hager again battled for fifth place behind the leaders. Richards took the lead from Ganz, but Ganz and Hanson were still close followed by Patzner, Prudoehl! , and Hager who were still trying to sort out fourth, fifth, and sixth places. Hanson eventually took first spot in turn four but Richards did not let him get away. Hanson, Richards, and Ganz put a bit of ground between themselves and fourth place as Prudoehl kept Hager and Patzner behind him. It was Hanson who headed for the photo op followed by Richards, Ganz, Prudoehl, and Patzner.

Tim Williamson and Kevin Hager set the pace for the small WISSOTA Super Stock field in the feature race. Gary Wiersgalla ran third followed by Troy Langowski. Williamson kept a hold on the lead ahead of Wiersgalla and Fort while Langowski and Hager raced close down the back stretch for fourth. Wiersgalla was able to take the lead from Williamson as Fort fell into line in third place. The cars all were very close and changing spots within the first six laps, and then they settled into their spots. Wiersgalla ran alone out front as he put some distance between himself and Williamson. Fort worked on Williamson for second place and took the spot, but Williamson fought back before Fort was finally able to secure it. With ten laps to go, Wiersgalla kept hold of the lead while Fort began the chase for first. Williamson kept a handle on third place as Langowski and Hager followed. Langowski closed in on Williamson several times but was not able to make the pass. Langowski ! seemed to gain a lot of ground, but then Williamson was able to pull away again. Wiersgalla sealed the win. Fort finished second followed by Williamson who held off Langowski for third. Hager capped the top five.

USRA Modified feature racing had Mick Glenn and Kent Baxter, both first timers this season, sit on the front row as they led the 14-car field. Glenn was quickly challenged by Baxter for the lead, and Josh Angst, Kerry Ledebuhr, Lance Hofer, and Jeff Rollinger followed behind. Bob Timm made an advance on Rollinger’s fifth place while Angst quickly made a move under Baxter for the lead. Baxter shot back on the high side to regain the spot. Ledebuhr ran in third ahead of Rollinger and Timm who touched in turn four, but Timm got out in fourth place. Angst finally made his move stick and gained the lead over Baxter, Ledebuhr, Timm, Rollinger, and Hofer. A spin by Glenn realigned the bunch with Angst on the point with Baxter choosing the outside of second row next to Ledebuhr. A second caution for a tire down on Hofer’s machine again reset the field. With only eight laps in, four cautions had already covered the field. Angst maintained his lead through all of the cautions! as Baxter again tried to use the high line to his advantage and take the lead, but Angst was too strong. Hank Rollinger gained energy and popped into the top five as Timm torpedoed into fourth ahead of Jeff Rollinger. Timm again had a big surge and plopped himself into third place behind Angst and Baxter and left Ledebuhr and John Doelle to fight for fourth. Angst captured the win. Baxter finished a strong second in his first appearance this year. Timm, Ledebuhr, and Doelle rounded out the top five.

Michael Thompson assumed the lead early on in the Hornet division ahead of Kohl Adamson. Four-wide racing down the backstretch then ensued as Johny Severtson and Ryan Happel joined the lead cars. Mike Krause also made a charge to tail the group ever so closely. Severtson darted to the high side and into the lead over Thompson while Happel, Adamson, and Krause raced three wide for third place. Severtson eventually walked away with the win over Happel, Krause, Adamson, and Brock Adamson.

The Second Annual Summer Nationals for the Midwest Mini-Mods were sponsored by Redbox, Oakridge Fabrication, Joe Signs, and Lou Fegers Racing Equipment. Two classes of A Mini Mods and B Mini Mods raced for $500 and $200 respectively. It was Rachel LaDuke who was up and away as the green flag dropped. Mathew Schliesman soon got inside LaDuke for the lead while Dylan Buckland and Alex Stevens followed in third and fourth places. Schliesman continued his lead as Buckland made a fast shot into second over LaDuke. Alexis Schott raced into fifth place when Buckland spun in turn four setting up a restart. Schliesman assumed the lead followed by Stevens, Schott, LaDuke, and Tanner Brown who clipped the top five. Another caution when Brown spun reset the group again. Schliesman held the lead as Stevens, Schott, and Buckland trailed him. Buckland made another charge into fourth and then third as he moved toward the leader. Buckland then spun to the infield but regained his c! omposure and got back on the track in sixth place. Schliesman’s car began to show smoke every once in awhile as the race wound down. Schliesman grabbed the big check and trophy for the win. Stevens, Schott, Jackson Hale, and LaDuke rounded out the top five.

Parker Hale tore off in the lead for the 25-lap A Mini Mod feature event that paid $500 to win. Alex Williamson ran strong in second, but Hale and Williamson got together slightly which sent Williamson back to fourth behind Cody Gardner and Jake Timm. Gardner was being tailed very close by Timm while Hale pulled away in the lead. Williamson held off Lucas Schott for fourth but the two got together hard in turn two which left Williamson facing the wrong way. A caution was necessary when Williamson could not get his car started after the impact. Schott headed to the tail of the field as Hale assumed the lead over Gardner, Timm, and Mike Stevens. Cars bunched up in turn two which allowed Brandon Reutzel into fourth place as Stevens slipped back. Soon Reutzel and Schott battled for fourth place behind Hale, Gardner, and Timm. Schott was able to pull away with fourth place and left Reutzel to contend with Stevens for fifth. Hale extended his lead as Timm and Gardner race! d hard for second place. Hale earned the big win followed by Timm who had capitalized on a restart to take second place from Schott. Gardner and Stevens capped the top five.

Jeff Matejka moved to a fast lead in the 600cc Mini Mod feature over Don Werner and Charlie McNally. McNally challenged Werner for second as McNally swooped low and then high to find the right moment to take the spot. Werner pulled away and set up in second place comfortably behind Matejka. As the laps wound down, Matejka pretty much walked away with the win. McNally attempted to steal second from Werner in the last turn with a slide job but spun instead. Matejka locked the win followed by Werner, Brett LaDuke, Joe Jasnoch, and McNally.

A great fireworks display capped off the night. Regular racing is ahead as the mid-point of July nears. Now is the time to keep a watch on those very close point races in multiple divisions.

WISSOTA Midwest Modified Feature –
Kyle Jumbeck, Ryan Olson, Dalton Yohnk, Erik Kanz, Chris Gilbertson, Chris Creeley, Pete Bushman, Don Schaefer, Tyler Creeley, Josh Appel, Josh Crary, Leigh Volkman, Mike Hernke, Jared Happel, Jack Baehman Heat 1 – Jumbeck, Gilbertson, Yohnk, Schaefer, Hernke, Kanz, Crary, Bushman Heat 2 – Happel, Olson, C. Creeley, Volkman, T. Creeley, Baehman, Appel

WISSOTA Street Stock Feature –
Danny Hanson, Danny Richards, Donny Ganz, Fred Prudoehl, Jimmy Patzner, Kevin Hager, Andy Hoch, Tyler Sass, Darryl Foegen, Lee Hager, Phil Wernert, Lonnie Klonecki, Jane Keating, Shawn Krousey, Lee Jonsgaard, Quinn Arnoldy, Cory Hanson, Dan Bork Heat 1 – D. Hanson, Prudoehl, C. Hanson, Patzner, Sass, Wernert, Jonsgaard, Arnoldy, Bork Heat 2 – Richards, Hoch, Ganz, K. Hager, L. Hager, Foegen, Krousey, Klonecki, Keating

WISSOTA Super Stock Feature –
Gary Wiersgalla, Bob Fort, Tim Williamson, Troy Langowski, Kevin Hager, Jon Duffy, Phil Kendrick Heat 1 – Fort, Langowski, Hager, Wiersgalla, Williamson, Kendrick, Duffy

USRA Modifieds Feature –
Josh Angst, Kent Baxter, Bob Timm, Kerry Ledebuhr, John Doelle, Hank Rollinger Jr., Kyle Jumbeck, Jeff Rollinger, Roger Niederkorn, Les Jonsgaard, Jeremy Jonsgaard, Lance Hofer, Mick Glenn, Paul Hamernik Heat 1 – Angst, Glenn, Timm, Hofer, Hamernik, J. Jonsgaard, H. Rollinger Heat 2 – J. Rollinger, Ledebuhr, Doelle, Baxter, L. Jonsgaard, Jumbeck, Niederkorn

Hornets Feature –
Johny Severtson, Ryan Happel, Mike Krause, Kohl Adamson, Brock Adamson, Michael Thompson, Rick Slawson, Kevin Laufenberg, Tyler Tradup, Leonard Hicks, Guy Hamernik, Adam Kerley, Shawn Applen, Brandon Gleiter, Kyle Patzner Heat 1 – Happel, Thompson, B. Adamson, Hamernik, Hicks, Applen, Slawson, Patzner Heat 2 – Severtson, Krause, K. Adamson, Laufenberg, Tradup, Kerley, Gleiter

A Mini Mods Feature –
Parker Hale, Jake Timm, Lucas Schott, Cody Gardner, Mike Stevens, Brandon Reutzel, Gary Kellner, Jerome Kellner, Alex Williamson, Charlie McNally Heat 1 – Williamson, McNally, Reutzel, G. Kellner, Stevens Heat 2 – J. Kellner, Hale, Timm, Schott, Gardner

B Mini Mods Feature –
Mathew Schliesman, Alex Stevens, Alexis Schott, Jackson Hale, Rachel LaDuke, Dylan Buckland, Matt Stevens, Matthew LaDuke, Tanner Brown Heat 1 – Buckland, Hale, Schliesman, Schott, Stevens Heat 2 – Brown, M. LaDuke, R. LaDuke, Stevens

600 Mini Mods Feature –
Jeff Matejka, Don Werner, Brett LaDuke, Joe Jasnoch, Charlie McNally Heat 1 – Matejka, Werner, McNally, LaDuke, Jasnoch