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Jumbeck and Crapser Return to Victory Lane at Mississippi Thunder Speedway

By Tracy Hager FOUNTAIN CITY (August 14) – Harley-Davidson of Winona sponsored the night at Mississippi Thunder Speedway with prize giveaways and introduce Flat Track racing motorcycles to the MTS crowd. Two green-white-checkered finishes were in store for the fans, and Ben Anderson heated things up in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. Cory Crapser cleaned things up in the WISSOTA Street Stocks, and Tanner Brown and Alex Williamson headed to victory lane in the Midwest Mini Mod divisions.

Pete Bushman powered to the lead over Shaun Walski in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature as he rounded turn four very wide to take the green flag. By turn one, Kyle Jumbeck, Dalton Yohnk, and Walski were three wide for the second spot. Jumbeck took over second, but Walski did not back down and raced side by side to try to take second place from Jumbeck. Jared Happel jumped into contention for fourth place with Yohnk, and by lap two, Jumbeck grabbed the lead from Bushman. Walski pitched hard under Bushman for second place, but Bushman held his ground for a brief time before relinquishing the spot to Walski. It was then Yohnk’s turn to vie for Bushman’s third place spot as the two darted side by side when Chris Gilbertson moved into fifth place behind Happel. Travis Krause joined Gilbertson and Happel as the three tore down the track for fifth, sixth, and seventh places. Jumbeck had pulled away from the pack by this time, and Walski also put some distance on Bushman a! nd Yohnk. A caution reset the field with 12 laps to go. Jumbeck let the bunched up group ahead of Walski, Bushman, Yohnk, and Gilbertson on the restart when Ben Anderson’s machine erupted in flames on the restart. An immediate red flag was issued as Anderson shut his car down and exited the car without injury to himself; the car on the other hand would need assistance to the pits. As the field went back to green-flag racing, Jumbeck assumed his lead, but Walski was right on his tail. Gilbertson shot cleanly between Bushman and Yohnk into third place. Krause zipped into sixth place and began to run side by side with Yohnk for fifth. At the half-way mark of the race, Jumbeck again pulled away from Walski as Gilbertson seemed to grab some juice and pulled away from fourth-place runner Bushman. Yohnk continued to fight off Krause for fifth place when Happel took over fifth which sent Krause back to sixth place. Jumbeck continued his cruise control up front while Gilber! tson was able to move in closer to Walski in second place. With one l ap to go, a spin in turn two set up a green-white-checkered finish. No one had enough for Jumbeck as he was able to head to victory lane with the win. Walski clocked a fabulous second place finish followed by Gilbertson, Krause, and Bushman.

Shaun Mann and Lee Hager set a great pace and tight start in the WISSOTA Street Stock main, but Dan Bork was three wide with them by turn one. Donny Ganz, Cory Crapser, and Kevin Hager all moved fast for the top five spots along with Mann and Lee Hager as Bork notched the lead. Crapser wove his way between the cars into second place behind Bork, and Kevin Hager seemed to follow Crapser’s trail into third place. Danny Hanson sailed into fourth place and on Kevin Hager’s tail and soon Hager and Hanson were in a side-by-side race for third place. Hager held his ground, and Hanson got a bit sideways in turn one which allowed Hager to pull away. By this time, Crapser had taken the lead from Bork, so Bork was the next car Hager set his sights on. Bork held strong as Hager tried to take second place. Hanson tried to recuperate from his earlier slip as he gained on Bork and Hager. Bork then slipped up in turn one which allowed Hager and Hanson into second and third places. ! A caution surfaced when Ganz and Mann spun out of turn one. Ganz was charged with the incident and went to the tail of the field. With eight laps to go, Crapser led the field followed by Hanson, Kevin Hager, Bork, and Lee Hager. Kevin Hager moved ahead of Hanson briefly, but Hanson shot outside as the two race side by side for second place. Lee Hager ducked under Bork for fourth when a second caution slowed the group. Crapser again took the point followed by Kevin Hager, Hanson, Lee Hager, and Bork. Ganz moved himself back up through the field and back into the top five as the final laps closed in. Ganz challenged Lee Hager for his fourth place as Hanson and Kevin Hager closed in on Crapser. Just as it appeared Hanson would take the high line around Crapser for the lead, a caution for debris on the front stretch settled the bunch back down for the second green-white-checkered finish of the night. Crapser earned his third win in three starts at Mississippi Thunder t! his season. Hanson grabbed runner-up honors followed not far behind b y Kevin Hager. Lee Hager had a great run finishing fourth followed by Bork.

WISSOTA Super Stock feature action heated up when Tim Williamson and Michael Hofer took off for the lead side by side, but Hofer got sideways in turn two and pulled a complete restart. As Hofer headed to the rear, Williamson then had to contend with Steve Speltz on the outside pole. Close racing ensued between Williamson and Speltz when Bob Fort zoomed into third place. Troy Langowski, Kevin Hager, and Gary Wiersgalla raced hard and close for fourth, fifth, and sixth places, but it was Langowski to take fourth as he set his sights on third place occupied by Fort. Speltz gained the lead over Williamson, and Fort, Langowski, and Wiersgalla continued to cut the cards for third. As the race entered the half-way mark, Speltz encountered lap traffic. A caution slowed the bunch and realigned them with Speltz on the point followed by Williamson, Fort, Langowski, and Wiersgalla. Fort managed a slide job on Speltz, who has been driving Fort’s second car, and grabbed the lead. ! Wiersgalla took a hard dive into turn four as he worked on Fort and Speltz. Speltz headed hard into turn one and went into a spin which pulled another caution. A three-lap shoot out was up next for Fort, Langowski, and Wiersgalla. Fort was able to hold Wiersgalla and Langowski behind to take the win. Duffy and Williamson rounded out the top five.

Two names synonymous with Fountain City sat atop the USRA Modified feature lineup; that being Lance Hofer and Jeff Rollinger. Hofer led briefly, but Adam Stockhausen and Brad Waits quickly made their presence known. Rollinger dropped to fourth as the flood of other cars moved in. Waits smoothly glided between Stockhausen and Hofer into the lead. Hank Rollinger, Jr. jumped to fourth place over John Doelle while Waits pulled away from Stockhausen. A caution settled the field down as Waits led the restart. Rollinger was able to clip Stockhausen for second as Doelle followed the two in fourth place. Josh Angst, Hofer, and Bob Timm flew three-wide for fifth place as Waits continued his enormous lead. Doelle wound up his machine to chase Rollinger for second, and Timm gained fourth place over Angst. Doelle and Rollinger displayed a great race for second place, and when Doelle took over the spot, Rollinger then had to contend with Angst for third. Timm propelled his car u! nder both Rollinger and Angst into third place as the cars then began to spread out. Another caution set up a final restart with Doelle and Timm hot on Waits’ tail. Timm got ahead of Doelle as Doelle shot a bit high. Angst and Rollinger did some fancy footwork for fourth place behind Waits, Timm, and Doelle. Waits again pulled away from the pack with Timm in a solid second place over Rollinger. Timm did not have enough laps to get the job done and finished second to Waits. Doelle cleared third followed by Angst. Jeff Rollinger got by his brother Hank in the last corner to take fifth.

Fletcher Milene took the early in the Hornets over Leonard Hicks and Kevin Laufenberg. Laufenberg then took the lead from Milene, but Johny Severtson was climbing the ladder fast. Severtson quickly took the lead followed by Ryan Happel and Mike Krause behind him. Laufenberg held on in fourth place as Milene continued in fifth. Severtson tallied another win followed by Happel, Krause, Laufenberg, and Milene.

Tanner Brown took off like a bolt in the B Midwest Mini Mod feature. Alex Stevens steamed into second place as Rachel LaDuke picked up another spot to move into third place over Dylan Buckland. Brown continued to lead while LaDuke made several attempts to get around Stevens. Mathew Schliesman moved around Buckland and into fourth place while LaDuke slipped out of the groove and dropped to sixth. Schliesman then benefited as he moved to fourth behind Buckland. Brown was able to hold his ground for the win followed by Stevens, Buckland, Schliesman, and Nicholas Wagner.

Jake Timm popped into the early lead over Alex Williamson in the A Midwest Mini Mod feature. Mike Stevens settled in behind Nia Gardner in fourth, and Mac Alberts took over fifth place. A caution reset the field with Timm, Williamson, Gardner, Brandon Reutzel, and Alberts in the top five. Timm put some distance on Williamson as he got into lap traffic. Lap traffic then allowed Reutzel to make a move on Gardner for third place. Timm continued his strong run out front, but it ended with five laps to go when his car slowed on the backstretch. Timm pulled to the infield as he watched Williamson assume the point. Williamson was able to hold the others back and head to victory lane. Gardner, Reutzel, Alberts, and Stevens capped the top five.

Jeff Matejka and Don Werner set up the front row for the 600 Mini Mod main event. Brett LaDuke moved into second place ahead of Joe Provenzino and Werner as Matejka walked away from the field. Werner fought back into third place over Provenzino half way through the race. Matejka pressed on with his lead, but LaDuke did his hardest to hang close to Matejka. LaDuke did not have enough for Matejka and would have to settle for second place behind the repeat winner. Werner finished third followed by Chris Creeley in Charlie McNally’s ride. Provenzino finished fifth.

Flat Track Motorcycle races were an addition to the night’s events as Harley-Davidson of Winona sponsored the night. Josh Koch hauled from Cedar to start from the pole and won the event. Kevin Anderson of Cambridge finished second followed by Bill Hofmeister of Bloomington, Eric Brouhard of St. Paul, and Minnesota City’s Tony Kohner.

Next Friday will be a great show with the USMTS bunch back in town as their Hunt for the Championship continues with a $3,000-to-win show. All regular classes will be on hand as well. The USRA Modified class will continue their pursuit of track points with this show in addition to 100 bonus points for racing the event. Points are close, adrenaline is rushing, and championships are to be sealed up soon.

WISSOTA Street Stock Feature – Cory Crapser, Danny Hanson, Kevin Hager, Lee Hager, Dan Bork, Donny Ganz, Shaun Mann, Fred Prudoehl, Quinn Arnoldy, Dave Smith, Bill Engler, Lonnie Klonecki, Jane Keating Heat 1 – Crapser, Hanson, Ganz, K. Hager, Smith, Keating, Arnoldy Heat 2 – Bork, L. Hager, Prudoehl, Mann, Engler, Klonecki

WISSOTA Midwest Modified Feature –
Kyle Jumbeck, Shaun Walski, Chris Gilbertson, Travis Krause, Pete Bushman, Dalton Yohnk, Jared Happel, Erik Kanz, Chris Creeley, Josh Crary, Leigh Volkman, Tyler Creeley, Josh Appel, Barry Johnson, Troy Brand, Ben Anderson Heat 1 – Gilbertson, Krause, Bushman, Kanz, Crary, Johnson, C. Creeley, Anderson Heat 2 – Walski, Jumbeck, Yohnk, Happel, T. Creeley, Appel, Brand, Volkman

WISSOTA Super Stock Feature –
Bob Fort, Troy Langowski, Gary Wiersgalla, Jon Duffy, Tim Williamson, Bruce Lutz, Michael Hofer, Jay Oricchio, Steve Speltz, Josh Rodewald, Adam Kerley, Dan Nissalke, Kevin Hager Heat 1 –Hofer, Williamson, Hager, Speltz, Duffy, Lutz, Kerley Heat 2 – Nissalke, Langowski, Wiersgalla, Fort, Rodewald, Oricchio

USRA Modifieds Feature –
Brad Waits, Bob Timm, John Doelle, Josh Angst, Jeff Rollinger, Hank Rollinger Jr., Kerry Ledebuhr, Les Duellman, Lance Hofer, Paul Hamernik, Ron Britain, Adam Stockhausen, Joel Alberts, Gary Doelle, Roger Niederkorn, Leroy Scharkey, Jeremy Jonsgaard, Les Jonsgaard, Brian Albrecht, Andy Bohnstengel, Clint Wittlief, Phil Wernert Heat 1 – Scharkey, Timm, J. Rollinger, G. Doelle, Ledebuhr, Albrecht, Wernert, Britain Heat 2 – Waits, J. Doelle, Hamernik, H. Rollinger, Niederkorn, J. Jonsgaard, Duellman Heat 3 – Angst, Stockhausen, Alberts, Hofer, Wittlief, Bohnstengel, L. Jonsgaard

Hornets Feature –
Johny Severtson, Ryan Happel, Mike Krause, Kevin Laufenberg, Kyle Patzner, Fletcher Milene, Carroll Hundorf, Guy Hamernik, Shawn Applen, William Kerley, Leonard Hicks, Justin Eide Heat 1 – Happel, Hicks, Patzner, Milene, Hamernik, Eide Heat 2 – Krause, Laufenberg, Hundorf, Applen, Kerley, Severtson

A Mini Mods Feature –
Alex Williamson, Nia Gardner, Brandon Reutzel, Mac Alberts, Mike Stevens, Sydney Alberts, Gary Kellner, Jerome Kellner, Jake Timm, Kayle Kellner Heat 1 – J. Kellner, M. Alberts, Reutzel, Timm, Gardner Heat 2 – K. Kellner, Williamson, S. Alberts, G. Kellner, Stevens

B Mini Mods Feature –
Tanner Brown, Alex Stevens, Dylan Buckland, Mathew Schliesman, Nicholas Wagner, Rachel LaDuke, Matt Stevens, Matthew LaDuke Heat – Brown, M. Stevens, A. Stevens, R. LaDuke, Wagner, M. LaDuke, Buckland, Schliesman

600 Mini Mods Feature –
Jeff Matejka, Brett LaDuke, Don Werner, Chris Creeley, Joe Provenzino, Joe Jasnoch, Bill Baures Heat – Matejka, Werner, Jasnoch, LaDuke, Provenzino, Creeley, Baures Motorcycles Feature – Josh Koch, Kevin Anderson, Bill Hofmeister, Eric Brouhard, Kohner, Thrune, Kohner, Malin Heat 1 – Koch, Brouhard, Thrune, Malin Heat 2 – Anderson, Hofmeister, T. Kohner, B. Kohner